Meet the Bakers- another happy couple cooking a recipe together

We are cooking mixed with therapy for couples. Cook up a solution to the problems you have in your relationship.


Stop Kidding Yourself, You Need Cooking Therapy

Over the past 5 years of doing this business, I have met all different kinds of couples. Trust me when I say there is truly nothing that surprises me anymore. I've heard it all. From addiction, to torrid love affairs, to multiple hidden families stashed around the country. Nothing surprises ...


Creamy Caramel Coffee- A New Caffeinated Treat

Step aside, Starbucks. There’s a new recipe in town. Who doesn’t love to indulge in a dreamy coffee house drink every now and again? We all do. One sip and we are transported to a relaxing place with no kids. No work. No school. Just ...

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Tip for the week: Recipe to Communicate Better

Have you heard that you have problems communicating? From your parents or roommate or jealous boyfriend in a rage? Communication is KEY to every relationship we have in our lives. And if you don’t know how to do it, you are in trouble. You’ll ...

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How to Finally Stop Procrastinating

Alright guys- you’ve got work to do, that’s why you are reading this post. You’re probably procrastinating right now… Am I right? Well, let me get right to it. Here is my cooking therapy recipe to help you come up with a solid plan ...

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Dump your Toxic Friendships and Make Cherry Dump Cake

  Do you have friends that after you spend time with them you feel more angry, irritable, or upset than you did before hanging out with them? Do they make you compete with them or do you feel like they are constantly judging you? They, my ...

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How to Deal with Negative Siblings at your next BIG Family Event

If you have negative siblings in your life, you know already know how difficult they can be. This recipe is designed to help you come up with a way to manage them while making chicken skewers. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to ...

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How to Deal with Tough Co-Workers

Dealing with Bad Co-Workers? Make EPIC Smashed Black Bean Nachos! Gather up those bad coworkers and make these nachos. Work together as a team and come up with some new strategies to work better together. You can go into a board room, ...

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Managing your Time While Making Meatballs

Looking for the secret when it comes to winning at time management? Here it is! Start by saving time by making a quick and easy dinner that makes a ton so you’ll have leftovers for days! This easy recipe is also the perfect way to come up with ...

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Getting Along with Mom and Dad as Adults

The goal with getting along with your parents as adults is to talk more and fight less!  I have the perfect recipe for a pumpkin spice latte that you can make as you figure out how to foster this relationship. Watch me make this recipe right ...

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