Meet the Bakers- another happy couple cooking a recipe together

We are cooking mixed with therapy for couples. Cook up a solution to the problems you have in your relationship.


  • What is Cooking Therapy?

    It's going into the kitchen with your partner, cooking a specific recipe together while asking each others the BIG important questions to save your relationship.

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    What is Cooking Therapy? And what is this all about? My name is Allison Carver and I am the first ever culinary therapist. I am a licensed therapist who uses food and cooking to help solve the ...

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Stop Kidding Yourself, You Need Cooking Therapy

Over the past 5 years of doing this business, I have met all different kinds of couples. Trust me when I say there is truly nothing that surprises me anymore. I've heard it all. From addiction, to torrid love affairs, to multiple hidden families stashed around the country. Nothing surprises ...


Hawaiian Chicken Flatbread & Blended Families

Blending your Blended Family Better with Hawaiian Chicken Flatbread Working together is the biggest challenge with blended families, make this pizza and work through that challenge. Watch me demo this recipe on my Youtube ...

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How can I Help YOU?

Hi Friends, I’m here asking for your help. I want to get to know you and what struggles you have in your relationship RIGHT NOW. We all have problems we go through in our marriages, relationships, partnerships. In fact, every relationship ...

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Chive and Chickpea Crostini’s

Watch me make this video live This recipe is all about getting to know your partner again. Don’t underestimate the importance of knowing each other and reminding who each other is from time to time. Life is ...

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Get over That Grudge with Brie & Blueberries

Blueberry Pecan Baked Brie with Waffle Dippers:  Watch me make this recipe here! This easy recipe made with brie, fresh blueberries, crushed pecans, and honey is a sweet and savory breakfast that is quick to make. Got a grudge you can’t let go ...

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Get Over Being Right with this Recipe for Shrimp Chopped Mediterranean Salad

Watch me make this dish from my Online TV Show, A Taste of Therapy TV: here This recipe has no steps. No order. No directions or correct way to do it. In fact, you can change any and all of the ingredients I have listed below. That means, this ...

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Have more Fun in your Relationship with Sour Cream Blueberry Pancakes

Have more fun in your relationship! Make this recipe and start the fun right now. What me demo this recipe here Ingredients: 1 cup sour cream 7 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 medium eggs 1/2 ...

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Spring Cleaning your Relationship with Pesto Parmesan Muffins

Spring Cleaning with Parmesan Pesto Muffins Watch me on Virginia This Morning LIVE making these muffins here When making this recipe with your partner you’ll start that spring cleaning on something very important, your relationship. All the ...

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Nutella Cookies & Confidence

Recipe for Nutella Marshmallow Cookies and getting more Confidence in your relationship Watch me make this and share more about this recipe in this video here Make this recipe and finally boost your confidence and get over the insecurities in ...

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