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Recipe for Chicken Lo Mien & Trust

Trust is THE most important ingredient in your relationship. When it comes to trust you must work at keeping it strong every day. This keeps (what I call) your trust bucket full. A full trust bucket makes it easier to trust your partner. Even when you go through periods when you don’t feel as connected to one another which can decrease trust. You can recover because of that full bucket. Believe it or not, most couples go through periods like this. This is normal. But what you must do however is work towards fixing that and feeling reconnected before it gets worse. Ok, so let’s say there has been an affair or huge deceit, your trust bucket is now completely [read more]

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Pomegranate Feta Guacamole

Every couple I work with tells me “we don’t know how to communicate.” And as a result, they are having problems. Good communication skills are key to the success of your relationship. Bottom line. When communication fails, your relationship will fail. You must get a handle on how to communicate better. Teaching communication skills is always where I start with couples. It’s the foundation to a solid relationship. Once you master how to communicate effectively with one another, you will be able to better handle the problems that arise in your relationship. It’s that simple and here is my cooking therapy recipe. Ingredients •4 medium ripe avocados, pitted •2 tablespoons fresh lime juice •2 garlic cloves, pressed or minced •1 [read more]

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A Taste of Therapy’s Own Online TV Show!

A Taste of Therapy News! I just had to tell you about my newest adventure! Starting this Thursday 1/21 at 7:30pm, I’ll be hosting my very own online TV show through Mangia TV! I’m so excited about this new opportunity and would love for you to tune in. It launches this week and will air every other Thursday at 7:30pm EST. Each week I will feature my very own cooking therapy recipes that you can make at home to improve your relationship. I’m cooking up recipes for your biggest relationship problems. Trust, communication, money, you name it, I’ll cook up a solution that will work for you. This week, I’m making a pomegranate guacamole that tackles communication problems. Here’s the [read more]

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