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A collection of recipes and stories about different
foods to help you manage all of your various moods!

Relationship Problem #6: Division of Labor is NOT Even. Even it out with My Better Together Bagels

Listen. No one wants to be married to their mother. No one wants to hear that they need to do the dishes, clean up after themselves, and take the kids to soccer practice. But the truth is, these things need to get done. These mundane tasks of life are not going away. The best way to tackle them is to just do them. Equally. Divide up who does what and when it needs to be done. This is the fairest way to handle “division of labor.” And your partner shouldn’t have to remind you to do it. You should just do it. But, one out of every four couples I see will tell me that their partner expects them to [read more]

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Relationship Problem #5: No Communication- Fix it with my Macaroons

Every couple I work with tells me that poor communication is their number 1 problem. I’m sure that you are struggling with this in your relationship, as everyone I know is. Communication is critical to the success of any relationship. When you aren’t communicating well, it bleeds into every other aspect of your relationship. Think about it. Are you fighting more about money? Kids? Time? Work? I would bet you that it’s because you aren’t communicating about those topics. You’re doing more assuming, texting, and avoiding. That’s not working. Here’s what will work. Make my Vanilla Macaroons with Chocolate Ganache filling. They are divine. On top of that, this cooking therapy recipe forces you to communicate while making them. How? [read more]

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Problem #4: Bad Sex Life? Make My Spicy Spiced Shrimp

Struggling with your sex life? You are not alone. This is a very common problem in lots of relationships. I’d say on average 85% of couples I work with have issues with their intimacy. In fact most haven’t had sex for years. I decided to come up with a recipe to fix that. Couples should be having sex. Intimacy is an important part of any healthy relationship. If your intimacy is suffering, it means there is a problem in another area in your relationship. In other words, it’s time for you to evaluate what’s going on. Top 4 factors that are impacting your sex life: 1. Lack of non-sexual intimacy in relationship 2. Stress/Exhaustion 3. Rejection- Real or Perceived 4. [read more]

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