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Cooking Up Cooking Therapy for Couples Week 2

Do you feel that you do not spend enough quality time together? Are you tired of it? Looking for a fun and different activity to spice up your romance? Look no further than Cooking Therapy! Keep reading, I have the perfect Cooking Therapy Recipe for you both to try! Cooking: Make caramel fondue and stay in enjoying a cozy date night together. Therapy: How do you overcome this potential relationship hiccup? You need to make a conscious effort to plan a weekly or at the very least a monthly ‘Date Night’ and spend more time together. Just the two of you, spend time like you used to, not talking about work or the kids. Talk about YOU. Your relationship, your [read more]

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Cooking Up Couples Therapy: Week 1

Happy New Year A Taste of Therapy friends! Have you missed me? I have certainly have been busy over the past nine months, cooking up lots of new projects for you to enjoy! (Did you know that I wrote a book?) I think you’ll be happy as I unroll these new and exciting projects throughout the year. All I can say is that this year will be a busy year for A Taste of Therapy and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it! I decided to start off this new year with a look into Relationships. How is your relationship going? Are you in one? Is it stable and happy? Or are you on the hunt for your perfect match? [read more]

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A Taste of Therapy’s FIRST Cookbook

This is a very exciting post and personal for me. This time last year I would of NEVER thought that I would be an author of my very own cookbook. And now it’s coming true! I always wanted A Taste of Therapy to have it’s own cookbook. It was one of those plans that I thought would come true eventually. I thought, I will work on getting further established, maybe a TV show first, and then the cookbook will follow. Surely, I would never get a publisher to pick me up right now. My platform is small, my fan base is small. The cookbook market is SO hard to break into. I guess you can say I didn’t think it [read more]

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