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Chive and Chickpea Crostini’s

Watch me make this video live This recipe is all about getting to know your partner again. Don’t underestimate the importance of knowing each other and reminding who each other is from time to time. Life is always hectic, things get busy and it’s important to take the time to learn new things about your partner. Even if you’ve been together 10+ years, I guarentee you don’t know everything about your partner. Gather these ingredients, cooking therapy get to know you questions, and get into the kitchen. Start cooking and learning more about each other. Ingredients: 1 baguette 1 can organic chick peas 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon cumin 2 cloves garlic-peeled and sliced 2 tbs. water 3 tablespoons [read more]

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Get over That Grudge with Brie & Blueberries

Blueberry Pecan Baked Brie with Waffle Dippers:  Watch me make this recipe here! This easy recipe made with brie, fresh blueberries, crushed pecans, and honey is a sweet and savory breakfast that is quick to make. Got a grudge you can’t let go of? This recipe will show you the steps you need to take to finally get over it once and for all. When you hold on to grudges it does more than bother you. It is a relationship killer. It causes resentment, passive aggressive communication, and contempt between the two of you. Grudges are very painful to hold on to and need to be let you. For your sake and the sake of your relationship. Grudges come with [read more]

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Get Over Being Right with this Recipe for Shrimp Chopped Mediterranean Salad

Watch me make this dish from my Online TV Show, A Taste of Therapy TV: here This recipe has no steps. No order. No directions or correct way to do it. In fact, you can change any and all of the ingredients I have listed below. That means, this salad can be different every time you make it. Why? So those of you who MUST BE RIGHT AT ALL TIMES (right-o-holics) can practice letting go of your need to be right. Practice this skill in the kitchen so that it will become easier to do outside of the kitchen. You can see in a black and white, concrete recipe that your need to be right DOES NOT MATTER to get [read more]

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