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Wife & Mom
Foodie & Graduate of The University of Richmond Culinary Arts Certificate Program
Licensed Professional Counselor & Lover of Date Night


Hello! My name is Allison and welcome to A Taste of Therapy’s website! My husband and I love cooking and use it to date each other. I am excited to share my recipes with you and show you how fun going on a date in your kitchen can be! Reconnect by cooking together. 


Bringing back date night one recipe at a time.


Why Date in your Kitchen?

Going on dates improves your relationship. More dates means more fun together which improves communication, intimacy and all around makes you both happier. I know that dates can be expensive when you add in dinner, movies, baby sitters. And I get it. So, that’s why my Cook In date boxes are perfect for today’s couple. These are fun and easy to make. And these step by step themed recipes are delivered right to your door. All you add in is your own fresh ingredients.

The way I see it, you’ve got to eat anyway. Why not feed yourself AND have a romantic date at the same time?


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