Cooking Therapy Cover

A Word from Allison, the author

I’m very excited to introduce you to my first cookbook Cooking Therapy: The Recipe for Improving Communication with your Children through Cooking! In this book, I provide step by step directions for how to “do” Cooking Therapy in your home with your family! It’s bursting with recipes, therapeutic tips, and even a shopping list! Cooking Therapy has never been so fun, and so easy to do!



Book Synopsis

Many people hear the word therapy and run the opposite direction. Therapist Allison Carver hopes it will have you running to your kitchen.
With Cooking Therapy, she has created a way for families to communicate, connect, and come together all in one location. Through recipes and anecdotes, and therapeutic tips Carver has mapped out a way to reinvent the family mealtime by bringing everyone together before and during a meal. It is that time at the dinner table and the act of cooking together that Carver believes is the secret to improving communication in the family.


“In Cooking Therapy: The Recipe for Improving Communication with your Children through Cooking, licensed therapist Allison Carver mixes her love of food preparation with relationship expertise. In this book, you will find a robust combination of delicious food, improved communication skills and guidance for how to strengthen family bonds. The process of cooking is about co-creating – making meals while simultaneously developing relationships. Allison has carved out her place in the therapeutic community by focusing on what really matters – the basics of nutrition and a clear, practical understanding of how to build healthy families. This book is for anyone who cares about food and family, nourishment and love. Buy this cookbook and use it daily. Keep it front and center on your kitchen counter in the heart of your home.”     ~ Pamela Milam, Therapist & Life Coach