What problem do you want to solve?


You’ve got a problem, well, I have the recipe to solve it. With each of my classes you get one recipe to make together. Each complete recipe is full of conversation starters, questions, and the exact steps you need to take in order to solve that problem.

Also with each class, you’ll get a  20 minute online consultation with me to chat about how it all went!

You cook whenever is convenient for you. You cook, solve your problem, and then we chat. Pick what’s right for you. And get cooking.

*If you have allergies to the food listed below, let me know and I can offer another option. Contact us with any questions*



We struggle to talk: Poor Communication

On the Menu: Pomegranate Guacamole and Homemade Pita Chips

This recipe is designed from start to finish to help you communicate better with your partner. Gather the ingredients, grab your partner and head into the kitchen. This tasty and easy dish will have you talking in no time. You will also learn the important steps that you need to improve your communication both in and out of the kitchen.





We don’t talk about money: Money Troubles

On the Menu: Fig and Bacon Pizza 

Let’s face it. No one enjoys talking about money. But, it’s a topic that needs to be discussed especially in your relationship.  This is one of the most popular classes I offer because it’s such a common problem. Don’t let money be a problem in your relationship anymore. Learn to talk about it and come up with a solid financial plan. This recipe helps you do just that. It’s the perfect way to start the discussion about your finances and finally get on the same page about your money.




We lack intimacy: Sex/Intimacy Issues

On the menu: Spicy Spiced Shrimp 

Intimacy is a vital part of any healthy relationship and needs to be talked about and looked at from time to time. If your intimacy is suffering, it means there is another problem going on in another area in your relationship. One that you probably are not even aware of. In other words, it’s time for you to evaluate what’s going on. Go into the kitchen, make this recipe together, and find out what is really going on.




I don’t trust him/her: No Trust

On the Menu: Chicken Lo Mien

Trust builds relationships and trust deepens healthy relationships. You have to have trust in order for your relationship to grow. How much do you trust your partner? Answer that. Honestly, how much? Do you not trust him? Did she hurt you and you cannot move on? Good news here, you can build more trust into your relationship. It involves work, talking, time, and taking this class together. You’ll learn the steps you need to take in order to start re-building your trust in one another. Both in and out of the kitchen.



I’m doing everything: Uneven Division of Labor in the Home

On the Menu: Chopped Shrimp Salad 

The daily tasks of life and running a house hold are not going away and the best way to tackle them is to just do them. Equally. Divide up who does what and when it needs to be done. This is the fairest way to handle “division of labor.” Stop fighting about this and get a handle on it now. Take this class together and come up with a solution that will work for you both. This recipe shows your exactly how to divide up each task you have to do so that they are evenly divided.







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