Hi gang!

I’m looking for a group of fabulous couples who would be willing to take the Cooking Therapy Challenge next month! It’s FREE, fabulous, and guaranteed to be a good time.

I want to inspire ALL couples to take part in cooking therapy. Couples that need therapy and even couples who don’t. If right now your relationship is 100% right on track, I still want YOU to get into the kitchen and start cooking together. Don’t wait for the problems to start. Get cooking now. That’s what this challenge is all about. I want to start a movement for all couples to get cooking together. And I need YOU to help me spread the word.

If you want to participate all you need to do is comment below with a YES and give me with your email by Sunday, June 21st.

I’ll then email out what it’s involved and then you pick the date to cook. It’s that simple!

Please help me to spread the word about how awesome cooking therapy is!