Feeling Brave? Decorate a Cake

Did you know that A Taste of Therapy not only offers cooking classes but we also bake and decorate specialty cakes? (No? Well, we do, so please keep us in mind for all your cake needs)

I discovered many moons ago how relaxing the process of cake decorating can be. Come over to my kitchen and you just may find me up to my arms in fondant and butter cream, happy as can be. I love it! Why? Well, I believe the process of piping, making flowers, and decorating fun and completely relaxing. Sounds weird I’m sure…but trust me, it’s relaxing. Piping icing forces you to slow down and focus on what you are doing, zoning out all other distractions. (Other than my Dean Martin music playing in the background, a girl’s got to have some distractions!)

Sure, there are times when I may become slightly nervous about a cake. I may fret and worry, is this butter cream smooth enough? What about this border? Should I re-do it? Even with my slight stressing, these gorgeous cakes always seem to turn out just fine. This is a good life lesson to remember here. It will always turn out just fine. Be brave, and trust that it will be alright.

Here are some photos of my most recent cake I made for a client’s holiday birthday party. This is a vanilla two layer cake, covered in butter cream with red Christmas trees and holiday ribbon.

Holiday Birthday Cake

Fondant Christmas Tree

Have you made a cake recently that you are proud of? Tell me about it in the comment section below or email me.

Happy baking everyone! Remember, show no fear and your cake will turn out fabulous!