Feeling Stressed? Make Beer Cheese Fondue

Holiday Survival Guide

Wow- holidays are happening. You’ve already been invited to 4 parties in one week, and must bring a dish to each one. To say nothing for the fact that you must finish shopping, deal with your family, bake cookies, and address all of those holiday cards. Before you completely loose your cool, let me help you. By making my Beer Cheese Fondue, you can easily reduce your stress level and have fun doing so! It’s easy to make, easy to serve, and easy to take on the go! As far as the rest of what’s on your to do list? Take a breather. It will get done, it always does. Try to take time for yourself to sit back and relax this holiday season. You deserve it.

Now, you may be asking yourself, how in the world does making a fondue recipe actually help with your stress level? Simple! The secret lies in the process of making this dish. Plus, if you have to prepare and take dishes to multiple parties this holiday season why not make something, that while you are preparing it, helps to keep you calm? It’s a complete no brainer to me!

You just have to have fun in the kitchen, allow yourself to relax, rip that bread if you are feeling mad, get out your cheese grater and shred your stress away!

    Beer Cheese Fondue Recipe
    Makes: 4-6 servings, doubles easily
    Adapted from: Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, 1981 (older cook books have the greatest old school recipes!)

  • 2 cups Swiss cheese, use a large cheese block
  • 1 cup of sharp cheddar cheese, use a large cheese block
  • 1 cup Monterey Jack cheese, use a large cheese block
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • ½ teaspoon dry mustard
  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 2/3 cup of your favorite beer (like when cooking with wine, use a beer that you enjoy the taste of and have a glass while you make this dish!)
  • 1 loaf of French bread cut or ripped into bite sized pieces (you can also use pretzels, bagels, breadsticks, rolls, precooked chicken or beef, really anything you can think of that go with cheese will work great with this dish!)
  • Feeling spicy? Add a few drops of Tabasco sauce to spice things up a bit!
  • Process:

  • Shred cheese by hand using your cheese grater. While doing this step, be sure to focus on your stress. While shredding, use the motion to get all of your holiday stress out. Work the cheese hard into the grater, and if you want, grate the whole block! We don’t care! In fact, you are probably going to need shredded cheese for another holiday dish later on, so go ahead. Shred away your stress, and freeze the extra cheese until you need it next time
  • Now, make sure cheese is room temperature before you mix into the saucepan
  • In a bowl, combine cheeses with cornstarch and dry mustard, toss to coat. Now add Worcestershire sauce and if you want a few drops of Tabasco sauce. Mix well
  • In a saucepan, heat beer until warm, be sure to not boil it. Gradually add the cheese mixture in, stirring constantly. You may want to add a help to this step, keeping your stress level at an all time low. Having someone else slowly adding the cheese mixture helps with even melting
  • Keep stirring on medium-low heat until fully melted
  • While sauce melts, you may use this opportunity to cut up your dipping ingredients. Depending on your stress level, feel free to rip apart your bread or other dippers into bite sized pieces!
  • Once melted, quickly transfer to a fondue pot over a fondue burner. Or use any type of serving bowl or pot you want. You may use fondue forks, wooden kabob sticks, or regular forks for dipping. If you are taking this dish on the go, place in an air tight container until you arrive at your destination. You can set your fondue pot up once you arrive. Or simply reheat at your destination
  • Don’t fret if the mixture thickens, it happens. Simply add in some additional warmed beer (and feel free to enjoy another glass of beer for your trouble!)
  • Have comments of questions? Please feel free leave them below and be sure to check out A Taste of Therapy on Facebook and YouTube! Can’t wait to Cook up a Conversation with you!