Meal prepping: Save time and stress by using the time-saving meal planning ideas  

When it comes to saving time and making the most of your meals, meal planning and prepping is the way to go. Planning out your meals makes the “What am I going to eat for lunch/dinner?” question completely obsolete. Which is pretty awesome if you ask me.


We all need one less thing to worry about. Also, when dealing with crazy schedules, late nights, stress, life, etc. having your meals figured out a head of time is just one less thing to stress out about. Am I right? So that’s what I love about meal planning and prepping. It takes a little time and prepping ahead of time, but once you get into a groove, it’s a snap.


I like to do all of my meal planning on the weekends. So, I take some time on Sunday to figure out what we are eating for lunch or dinner that week. Then I use these awesome tricks to make it super easy.



Here are my top 3 favorites:


Meal Prep Tip 1: Hard boil eggs in a muffin pan and do a whole dozen at once. I love this trick because in all of my pots, only hold up to 5 eggs. And I almost always need more than 5 in a week. So this trick is great. Preheat oven to 325 and place eggs in a muffin tin. Cook for 30 minutes. Done and done.



Meal Prep Tip 2: Make a large batch of your favorite smoothie and freeze individual portions in a muffin tin. Once they are frozen, pop them out and put them in individual freezer bags and melt on low power in a microwave or leave out in the am to melt to room temperature and enjoy.



Meal Prep Tip 3: Roast multiple pans of hard vegetables and roast many different kinds at the same time. Prep a huge batch of different kinds of vegetables all at once.  I like carrots, asparagus, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, beets, onions, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, and parsnips. If they all require different roasting temperatures, (most of these are about the same 350-375) use the lowest temperature and check them as they cook. These will take between 30-40 minutes depending on your oven. Then take them out, divide up based on kind and store in bags in the fridge until you are ready to eat. This way you won’t get bored with just one kind of vegetable. Roast up some chicken breasts to go with, and you’ve got a whole meal ready to go!

Photo from Meal Prep Princess.

— Allison