Want an epic 2017? Easy. All you have to do is make and keep your New Year’s Resolution. Keep reading and I’ll show you how!



It’s that time of year again, the end of the year and the beginning of the New Year. You’re beginning to pack up the holiday decorations and you’ve started to think about what you want your 2017 to look like. Like most of us, you are evaluating your past year and seeing what personal changes you want to make in order to make the next year your best year yet.

Good for you!

But, that’s the easy part. Actually KEEPING your New Year’s Resolution is the hard part. And that’s the part where most of us fall short. In order to not fail at your New Year’s Resolution this year you have to make small resolutions for things you can actual achieve and will take the time to actually do it.

Most people try to make grand sweeping character changes all at once and wonder why they fail. Like, “I’ll stop smoking today (and they stop cold turkey)” or “I’m going to lose 50 pounds before Valentine’s Day.” While admirable, both of those plans are completely impracticable. They will never work or last. With no plan set in place and unreasonable time frames, these resolutions are a total waste of time.

Time to get real with yourself.

What are some short term goals you can make NOW that will result in long term results? Remember when it comes to resolutions it’s about the JOURNEY and not the OUTCOME. Stop looking at them as an end goal (50 pound weight loss) and more about changing your sugar intake on a daily basis or cutting back on the number of carbs you eat per day.

Those small changes you make each day will add up to a longer term result over time. This way of looking at behavior change is EXACTLY like how to therapists do it when you come to therapy.

Here’s a little trade secret for you:

We make treatment plans to help you succeed in therapy and they involve making short term goals with clear objectives that you can do each week in therapy to help you reach those goals.

This is no different. Set those short term goals that will result in long term results and decide what exactly you’ll do EACH DAY to make that goal happen.

Here are the 5 steps needed to make your 2017 EPIC by actually keeping your New Year’s resolution this year:

  1. Decide your resolution and what you’ll commit to do EACH DAY to make it happen.
  2. Schedule time to make it happen each day
  3. Tell someone else your goal so they can keep you accountable
  4. Keep a record to track success
  5. Celebrate all your small successes!

Good Luck!