Over the past 5 years of doing this business, I have met all different kinds of couples. Trust me when I say there is truly nothing that surprises me anymore. I’ve heard it all. From addiction, to torrid love affairs, to multiple hidden families stashed around the country. Nothing surprises me in session. I think my clients actually like this about me. They come to session a little scared to dish their deepest secrets and dirt. But when they do, I don’t react. I listen to them. I offer suggestions. I’m a mirror reflecting back to them what they are ignoring or not able to see for themselves. I push when clients don’t want to be pushed and I will point out what the truth that they are running from them.

I’m direct, but I never react negatively.

That’s why therapy works. That’s why therapy with me works.

The old adage is true, if you keep doing what you are doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. Nothing changes unless you do. I reach plenty of clients who come into my office or kitchen. Those clients I can help, those couples I fix. They get better. They make changes.

What about you? What about your problems? Why have you not contacted me? Whatever it is you are struggling with, I know I’ve heard and dealt with worse. So, what’s the deal?

I meet LOTS of great and interesting people (networking, online, at the grocery store, etc.)

Here’s how the conversation goes. They say: “OH MY GOD! WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS FANTASTIC! WHAT AN AMAZING IDEA!!!”

Me: “Oh wow, thanks! I’d love to do a session with you, please check out my website,book,etc.”

Them, backing away: “Oh, I don’t need therapy. My relationship is perfect, we are happy 99% of the time. But really, what you are doing is great.”

This happens ALL THE TIME. I get it, you are afraid…but what I can’t understand is why. Why are you afraid of therapy? Is it the talking? The opening up? The change?

I realize now more than ever that the therapy stigma is real. It’s in my face everyday. And it’s keeping me from growing my business to the level that I want. As a therapist, I want to help others. Honestly. That’s what I’m all about.

And here I am jumping up and down trying to get you to notice me. Please notice what I’m trying to do. Take what I’m teaching into your relationship. Even if you’re saying to yourself, “my relationship really is perfect and we are happy 99% of the time.” Do cooking therapy anyway.

What you don’t realize is that, when you have teeny tiny small problems in your relationship now, they don’t go away. In fact over time as you ignore them, they actually get bigger and bigger. They grow into big things like resentment, anger, and bitterness. When left untreated resentment, anger, and bitterness will lead to divorce.

I’m not being dramatic here. I’m speaking the truth. I am a professional and I’ve seen it happen.

Cooking Therapy works because your problems can’t hide in the kitchen. You can do it in your own home, you don’t have to tell anyone you are doing it, there’s no need for embarrassment or shame. Own your problems. Fix them. Get cooking on a solution NOW.

I’m here when you are ready. Contact me and let’s do this.

Happy cooking,